GAIM: Connect and Use Google’s Gtalk Servers

Posted February 10, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Instant messaging

This tutorial will quickly walk you through connecting to the Gtalk servers with GAIM.

I like the idea of Gtalk and the integration into the rest of Google’s suite of programs. For example, I like that I can keep my IM logs in the Gmail account. However, I do not really like the Gtalk program itself. I like the service, but not the program.

Since Gtalk is based on jabber, however, you can use it with any jabber compatible client. Here is how to use the wonderful freeware program GAIM to connect to the Gtalk/Google servers.

    1. Open GAIM.
    2. From the buddy list screen, click Tools.
    3. Then click Accounts.
    4. Click the Add button.
    5. Select Jabber as the protocol.
    6. Your screen name is your Gmail login. (For example,
    7. Server is
    8. Resource is Gaim.
    9. Your password is your Gmail password.
    10. Select as alias what you want to be called on your IM screen. If you leave this blank, it will use your whole Gmail address which is too large for your little IM screen. If nothing else, just put in Me in the alias box.
    11. Click Show More Options.
    12. Select the Use TLS if available checkbox.
    13. As you connect server type:
    14. Click Save.

On the Beta2 version, the instructions have a few differences:
– Instead of Show More Options, click the Advanced tab.
– Unclick Require TLS.

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