IE7: Start-Up with Multiple Home Page Tabs Open in Internet Explorer 7

Posted February 5, 2006 by MickeyMouse in Internet Explorer IE7

Do you visit the same pages every time you open the browser? Using the instructions in this tutorial, you can open multiple tabs at once when IE7 starts.

I like having numerous windows/tabs open at once. However, I typically have the same sites open day after day. Previously, to get my browser to open to multiple sites upon startup, I would have to use Firefox or IE add-ons. However, with IE7, opening multiple sites at once is simple.

Now, you have can multiple pages as your home page. When your browser opens, it will open all of them in different tabs for you.

    1. Click the Tools Menu.
    2. Click Internet Options.
    3. Click the General tab.
    4. Type in or paste the URL that you want to use as your home page in the Home Page section.
    5. Hit ENTER, and type in another URL.
    6. Repeat until you have all the ones you want.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Close and restart your browser to see them all open.

The Conversation

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  • Aaron

    I am not sure about the others but this worked for me, thanks for the tip.

  • alya

    i’ve added the multiple home pages , but after a while the home page is reseted back to the previous one …how can you make it pemanent?

  • CW

    There IS a step missing–you also have to go to the Internet Options > General tab, and in the Tabs group where it says “Change how webpages are displayed in tabs”), click the Settings button. The Tabbed Browsing Settings dialog opens–uncheck “Open only the first home page when Internet Explorer starts”.

  • fbj

    Excuse me for saying this but this sort of hazy/incorrect information has just blown tech recipes cred [for me]
    1. Hazy = just look at the comments. They result from poor research by article originator. So common these days. Constant diatribe of half truths generally using minimum word count = the authors are skating on thin ice because their so-called knowledge is not up to scratch – but the allure of ‘going to print’ is too great for them. eg, anyone that hits a few keys and gets a “Hello World” noddy working all of a sudden considers themselves computing experts and proceed to dispense gigo on otherwise technical forums. You see this behavior all over the place. They in actual fact no squat about programming…
    2. Incorrect = usage of the word “zillion” sums up the authors grasp of reality. IF this word is meant to convey that there is no reasonable limit to the URLs put into the form THEN this is blatently INCORRECT. Witness below IE7’s reaction to “just” 10 URLs:
    “The number of webpages you’ve selected for your home page tab group exceeds the maximum supported by Internet Explorer.
    Click OK to remove the additional webpages.”
    3. Need more be said?
    Should I be in error, I would gladly wish to learn the steps.
    Faith in the credibility of this site would be nice if [at least] partially restored.
    4. The ONLY relevant information conveyed in this article is that of “…IE add-ons.”
    I’m off to find out about these, but will not hold breath too long… 🙂

    • Anonymous

      What’s the matter? Someone take your candy?
      You know the drill, information on the net is taken with a ‘grain of salt’.
      Some people are better at this than others but berating someone who is honestly trying to help is well, WRONG!

      Besides, if you know so much then you post a solution!

  • Jamie

    So easy so useful and it worked!!

  • ujin

    i want start-up with multiple home page tabs in internet explorer 7

  • jak

    i want open more than 8 tabs,but the ie alert a window to prevent me to do this.

  • joseph

    Thanks for this post, i will try that.