MySpace: How to Hide and Make a Profile Private

Posted January 30, 2006 by MickeyMouse in MySpace

Are you tired of people getting too much information about you from your myspace account? Here’s a quick fix to make your profile private.

I am a big friend of myspace; however, many people give out way too much information on their account. If you would like to hide your account from everybody but your friends, you should make your profile private.

If you know somebody is searching myspace looking for information on you, this is a quick way to hide without removing everything in your myspace account.

Disclaimer: To do this, you just set your age below 16. If you lie about your age, you always risk that myspace may kick you off. I have never heard of that occuring, but take your own chances.

    1. Log into Myspace
    2. Click Home link
    3. Click Edit Profile link
    4. Click Basic Info tab
    5. Click EDIT
    6. Change the date to make you less than 16.

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