Close Out or Cancel Your Hotmail Account

Posted June 19, 2010 by MickeyMouse in Internet

You are so tired of your hotmail account and you don’t want to worry about somebody breaking into it and getting your old email. Here’s how to delete your hotmail account. Update: Added new URL.

You’ve probably got three or four email accounts, but you have finally decided to use just one. However, you don’t want to leave those old account open so somebody can steal what you have in there.

Hotmail is changing all the time. Try one of the methods below to delete the account.

Hacked Account or Lost Control of Email Account:

– Try to regain control by answering your secret questions

Direct URL:

Help URL:

Find it Through Help:

    1. Log into hotmail
    2. Click the help link in the upper right corner
    3. Search for Close
    4. Click on the Close Account Link
    5. Continue to the close account page

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