Close Out or Cancel Your Hotmail Account

You are so tired of your hotmail account and you don’t want to worry about somebody breaking into it and getting your old email. Here’s how to delete your hotmail account. Update: Added new URL.

You’ve probably got three or four email accounts, but you have finally decided to use just one. However, you don’t want to leave those old account open so somebody can steal what you have in there.

Hotmail is changing all the time. Try one of the methods below to delete the account.

Hacked Account or Lost Control of Email Account:

- Try to regain control by answering your secret questions

Direct URL:

Help URL:

Find it Through Help:

    1. Log into hotmail
    2. Click the help link in the upper right corner
    3. Search for Close
    4. Click on the Close Account Link
    5. Continue to the close account page

The Conversation

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  • Elaine

    If someone stole your password……and you cannot login to hotmail….how do you close the account?

    • Anonymous

      i would like to cancel my hot mail account,but i don’t know how to go about it

      • Lkjasdla

        i would suggest to let it cool a little. when your hot mail is just fresh sometimes it needs to be left outside to cool down

        • claude jr landry

          what planet you com from…>

      • Don Milligan

        > I understand that ilf I donot use this I will sone be dropped. So drop

      • Ernie

        I created this account but would like to cancel it how would i do that when i am ready?>

    • Mohammad Sidek

      > My account was stolen. I cannot sign in into my account. How do I close it without having to sign in the account.

    • Wayne

      > Keep it simple.I have no idea what a url or a browser is.Thanks

  • msyang

    thanks, the second option helped me.

  • Andrea

    Awesome! Thanks.

  • Web Suunnittelu

    I got the same question as Elaine. “If someone stole your password……and you cannot login to hotmail….how do you close the account?

    • Beautygirl-pak

      go on dis link and recever ur password n try 2nd option n close ur account but after deactivating ur account dont try to open it coz other wise it will activate it again its mention deir after 270 days dis account will de no longer ur account…..

      • Mariah Byebye

        omg i don’t think i can wait for 270 days. my friends are still complaining they’re keep getting junk mail even after i closed my account. can’t i speed up the process?

        • Neil Reichelt

          Mariah, My friends are receiving messages with my old hotrmail address It seems that I have no way to prevent all the unwanted messages being sent. Any suggestions? Neil Reichelt ( )

        • JacquesDV

          Myne also keep sending spam mail!

      • Attacekr


      • Attacekr


  • buggaboo

    Thanks!! second one worked for me

  • the game

    you’re my savior thank u thank u thank u infinity thanks all to u my savior

  • marcoscalderon

    gracias por su servicio

  • Ashok

    I have sent u many a meesage that someone has tried to hack my account so i cant access it anymore but i got no reply from u i used to have an a/c with u my id was i cant login anymore this a/c is more than 15 yrs old so if there is anyway i can access my a/c pls let me know on or

  • bobo

    the second one just closed the window

  • F Bano

    Someone has stolen my password and i cant login to my account. Please cancel that account

  • yogen

    somebody has steal my password and is using that to fool a lot of to close it?

  • dave

    I tried both option but none work for me. i type in close on help search but doesnt come up with any thing about closing account

  • Morgan

    Pls tell me how to close cancel my email address cause some one stole my password i am stuck can not open password….

  • maureen

    i cant log into the hotmail and yahoo accounts as some1 has changed the passwords and email address its to be sent to plz help

  • Anonymous

    i want cancle myhotmail account, msn, window live messangere my microsoft account plz plzimmidiate cancle my account…delete my account… fast….close my account….

    • jtfdrg

      kuldeep = n0000b

  • Loretta W. Williams

    How can I log into my hotmail account when I cannot open it? If I create another hotmail account will I lose contacts and e-mails in the old account?

  • rashid mimdani

    there links are broken

  • Anonymous

    my id has been hacked and the pass has been changed ………. so how can i delete that id… Anybody plxxxx help me out…

  • bran

    I have 2 hotmail accounts how can you close 1 and leave 1 open

  • Name

    just look at the very bottom right of your email page and click on “account”. then click close account in the links and you’ll have it closed :)

  • Joe

    None of these methods currently works.

  • Anonymous

    what if your email been hacked and you cant logo on at all or reset your P_word how do you cancel it then

  • Joseph

    Thank’s, the second method works for me

  • Anonymous

    My email account has stolen by email hacker. They have accessed in to my email account and has sent unnecessary mails from my account. I want to cancel the email account. I am in a big trouble. Please help.

  • G

    Thanks for the help.

  • Anonymous

    THANKZ I accidently set up another account or 2 and wanted to delete them

  • Anonymous

    i cant sign in my old email someone stole my password from hotmail i will not received it at all i want one accout i want my old email close account now my new email is keep my new email

  • Anonymous

    my account jcobbina@hotmail has been hacked..
    i need to delete it asap! i have some pictures in there that i dont want seen
    help me!

  • Anonymous

    no lo nesecito

  • Anonymous

    I cannot access my old hotmail account because somebody hacked in and changed the password. Since there is no one to call, how can I get that account
    closed. Someone is using it.

  • Anonymous

    I need help in deleting a hotmail account which my password has hacked. If anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it. The faster the better. The old hotmail account that needs to be deleted is

  • jessica

    I’ve had the same email on hotmail for about 6 years now. Last month i decided to get text alerts whenever i get a new email. My phone was going off about every 5 minutes with new messages so I replied “stop” to have the text messages stopped and it didn’t work. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to get them to stop but they wont. I went into my hotmail account to try to stop it that way but it said I wasn’t signed up for the text alerts. About 3 weeks ago I got a text message saying that i reached the max text alerts so they stopped. NOW I started getting them again! I hate hotmail. Can anyone help me out!? Or am I the only one having this problem?

  • Anonymous

    I am trying to close my hotmail account and I am unable to do so. I keep getting a message to cancel my paid subscriptions, but I don’ t have any. Someone hacked my account and is sending spam to everyone of my contacts. How do i do this asap??

  • Anonymous

    i want to cancle my acount

  • Terry

    my email account is being spoofed by the world of warcraft to the tune of 50 to 100 emails a day, I want out of hotmail this is rediculous and annoying.

  • Anonymous

    how do you reactivate hotmail i cant sign in or anything i made this account just the other day and the password wont work either please anyone help its important nd my email is my names Casey harding email me at how you reactivate thanks

  • Anonymous

    I keep getting:
    Cannot close
    There is a Microsoft e-mail account (Windows Live Hotmail) associated with your account, so you can’t close your Windows Live account immediately. To close your Windows Live account, you need to close your Microsoft e-mail account first. After a period of inactivity, your Windows Live account will automatically be closed. Close your Microsoft account

    What the??!!! I am so sick of so many hassles with microsoft! For the last time hotmail has sent out random spam emails to all work and private contacts!!! HOW DO I GET RID OF IT?? Anyone?? PLEASE!

  • Anonymous

    Close my account hotmail

  • Anonymous

    Help need to cancel hotmail account its been hacked into cant get in cause password has been changed what is the simplest way to stop the account….Anybody out there have any ideas…..Thanx

  • Anonymous

    Tried the step above. I opened hotmail, went to help, typed in “close account” and it still sends spam mail to mail contact list.

  • Luc

    The second option worked for me. I’ve been able to cancel two accounts not required/used any longer.

    Thanks for the tips.

  • Anonymous

    My hotmail account and my facebook has been hacked for it was an old high school account and i still have personal information on there. Please help me by deleting this account permanently as soon as possible!

  • Anonymous

    Someone has stolen my password so I cannot get in…I don’t know how to close it….my email for hotmail is

  • Eaty Gourmet

    There is no close account page on the help page of hotmail. Bogus info. Typing the address into a browser does not give you a close account anything either. Honestly.

  • Eaty Gourmet

    And option 2 that seems to work for most, simply tells me that the option is not available for my account.

  • Lala19952000

    Hey all,

    Here’s the answer you’re looking for in deleting or reclaiming your Hotmail account. It’s from Hotmail help central:

    And here’s an additional one from Hotmail for all account inquiries:

  • MBetty Lohmanblak1

    how can I close my hotmail account when I can’t access my account

  • MBetty Lohmanblak1

    My hot mail account was hacked and I want to close it . But I can’t access it. Please tell me how to close it. Thanks Betty

  • Ashley

    how can u find out if you did close it?

  • Mustafa Alramal
  • Neenagupta01

    my email id is i forgot my password and i want to close my account please help me out

  • Dlk

    I would like to cancle my hotmail and Windows Live accounts but when I try to do so, I keep getting a message that the account cannot be cancled because it it linked to a paid account. I do not have a paid billing account. Please cancle these MSN accounts for me.

  • italy312

    sorry this does’t help me though, i want to delete my live profile but keep my hotmail and msn account. why i want to delete my profile? because the name in the profile comes up as my msn name and i can’t keep the name blank cuz it doesnt let me?

  • Ankaia2010

    but i can’t login someone change the password

  • Theresa

    close hotmail account WITHOUT the password…if you cant remember the password it locks you out for days and days.

  • bert

    some one has hack in to my facebook and change my password and done the same with my hotmail how do i close my homail account without password

  • Bibekdx

    i delete my account unsucessfully hehe:p

  • seanboy

    let’s connect

  • Cicuta

    The only method that works to close hotmail live account is through HELP! Also, you need to really look for the links to close the account. It helps though … My account is clossed now!
    Thanks for your help …

  • Noreencarew

    The first opton didnt work but when i used the second option a windows live page popped up with a heading saying CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT and underneath that it said this option isnt available for your account. Nothing seems to work. There is like some loop virus sending out emails from my account to everyone in my mailing list. Want my account deleted

    • Shashika Dhupelia

      I am having the same problem and dont know what to do!! Any luck yet?

  • Tvautour

    I experienced last night a fraudulent email. The email looked like, what I believe, a request from hotmail staffer. This request asked me to share my email account, password, etc. within the next 48 hours to keep me on the hotmail list. Otherwise, I would be eliminated from the hotmail list. I did that and this morning found out I was taken off the hotmail list. In addition, this fraud sent an email to all of my hotmail contacts and told them I was in England and asked for lots of money. I had different people calling me today to see if I was ok. I found another email account through yahoo which is Please share this with management or whomever deals with frauds.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance.
    Sincerely, Therese
    My hotmail account was

    • Mavel976

      The same happens to me,,……… what can i do?,,can you explain to me?

  • Akhtar1924

    Account Closure – Hotmail Account

    sign into ur hotmail copy paste this below link in your browser

    than click on Account Closure – Hotmail Account and your accunt would close in a few days.

    if you have forgotten your password these no porblem you can always get it again using the same link provided above.

    hope this helps. ;-)

  • Salimspm

    i was having an old hot mail account which i am not using since last tree year, Now i want check some of my old Email,is it posible to get my old accout back?

  • Spettrale

    I had some j@ck@$$ hack into my account and send everyone on my contact list spam from my email. I’m a total techno-phobe and I tried the second option so this is going to be a totally stupid question, now my account si inactive does that mean that the j@ck@$$ who hacked into my account cannot use my account anymore and no one will get spam emails from me? I hope so!! I tried going to the official Hotmail forum and I couldn’t post the questions on how to close my account but you needed a PHD to understand (again I’m a total Techno-phobe!) so my question to this and for everyone out there, my account is deactivate so that’s it? It’s done, no more Hotmail account? I hope so!!

  • Michelle

    Someone has hacked into my account and changed the password, so I can’t log in. They have also changed the answer to the security question, so I can’t use that to reset the password either. How do I shut down the account?

  • Chrisrudden

    Thanks. This was quite helpful. Goodbye Hotmail!!!!

  • Chris

    Thanks. That was very helpful. Goodbye Hotmail!!!

  • myrna stewart

    I need to cancel my account as someone has stolen my hot mail address is

  • Just2kally

    what if you do not remember the secret question in your hotmail account? WHO can close out the account?

  • Mia

    i have forgotten my password. they sent the link to reset my password to my alternate email, the person who owns the alternate email accout has forgotten her password as well.


    How to delete hotmail account without waiting for 270 days, as this is crap.27 days is more than sufficient time to decide whether to reactivate it.
    My account was kind of hacked and the hacker kept reseting password and VOILA HACKER IS ABLE TO ACCESS THE ACCOUNT AGAIN…….Unlike Yahoo if request for new password, you need to answer at least 1 secret question which helps.I had closed 3 hotmail accounts as i had the same problem with hacker just resetting my password…..NOW IM TRYING TO HELP MY HUSBAND TO CLOSE HIS. I had previously closed it but the hacker reset the password and luckily i had linked the account to my yahoo account. And i recieve an email notification of email reset….. I had closed it already…..

  • Anonymous

    How to delete hotmail account without waiting for 270 days, as this is crap.27 days is more than sufficient time to decide whether to reactivate it.
    My account was kind of hacked and the hacker kept reseting password and VOILA HACKER IS ABLE TO ACCESS THE ACCOUNT AGAIN…….Unlike Yahoo if request for new password, you need to answer at least 1 secret question which helps.I had closed 3 hotmail accounts as i had the same problem with hacker just resetting my password…..NOW IM TRYING TO HELP MY HUSBAND TO CLOSE HIS. I had previously closed it but the hacker reset the password and luckily i had linked the account to my yahoo account. And i recieve an email notification of email reset….. I had closed it already…..

  • Mkalivas

    I am also trying to close my account because somehow it sends out 100 to 200 spam emails to random people a night. I am fed up. I tried all options and it brings me to a page where it says to cancel my billing information but then when i get to that page it tells me that I dont have a billing account with msn. So what gives. I want OUT from HOTMAIL… ANNOYED beyond belief.

    • Jlfarino

      I have the same problem. I was told that deleting all contacts and all messages from all folders will help. No information means that no emails can be sent. I am waiting to see if this works. Make sure you delete everything from the account.

  • True_friendforme

    i dont want to hotmail account, how i cancel the hotmail account

  • Jayantha Bentara

    I want cancel my hotmail account and open a new account.

  • Sc_lee56

    I want cancel my hotmail account

  • J_chaitra

    really helpful…thanx a ton…

  • Ramjurana

    i want to close my all old account hot mail

  • izzet

    close my account

  • Guest

    In order for me to cancel my account it says I have to close out my billing accounts. It then gives me a link to do this. This link tells me I don’t currently have any billing relationships with this account. How do I get myself out of this stupid circle?

    • Bigiemike02

      I am having the same issue. It will not even give me the link. Let me know if you get a fix on this….

  • Betsy_schulz

    Is there any way to close an account without waiting for a year to be hacked again?

  • Ayaanali

     i want cancel  my account  i dont want to

  • Guest
  • Aqua21_rab

    I my account has been hacked and i suppose the information has been changed by the hacker and so is the security question. I tried answering the questions to be able to validate account, but failed to do so. I somehow want my account to be deleted. How can i  delete my account without having to sign in?

    Please immediate help need!!!!

  • Lllllkkkkk

    PLEASE EMAIL ME AT THIS ADDRESS!!!! Not the Last post One

  • Lllllkkkkk

    My hotmail account has been hacked and my password changed as well as my serurity question. I have tried everythinf
    Get back into it such as reset password and even retreving the account but no such luck.i have very important files on there some one please help me.i havetried many tech supportd and they will not help at all. :( how do i permintly delete it?

  • Guest2011

    Wondering, I have a “Shared” email account with my partner, I want her to be able to access the mail but not be able to change any passwords or other settings, including closing the account, The secret question can be changed without even needing the answer, How secure is that really? What I’m getting to is that we both have access to the same account but I wanna be the only one able to change the account settings with a secret question/answer.

    Is there a possibility to add that feature, to Need the previous answer before even being able to change it or any account settings?

  • Matryem

    If you forget your hotmail account password, or it is stolen/hacked. Just click on the “Can’t access your account?” link then “I forgot my password” or “I think someone else is using my Windows Live ID” and follow the instructions from there.

  • Marty Stowe

    I have 2 hotmail accounts, 1 has been hacked. If i try to log in, it tells me it has been blocked and to follow some steps to unblock it. And they want credit card details which I will under no circumstances give. How can I get access to this account? I have had it for what seems forever and have some stuff in it I would like to delete.
    Any help would be greatly appreiciated.


  • http://hotmail Daniel

    im not looking for a debate. piss it off

  • Simphiwe mkhize

    i got a problem some1 used my email address now i cant access or log in on facebook im sad i realy need it

  • http://msn Denise

    I want to cancel my account because of hacking, but I cannot, can you please cancel this account or show me how to, the instructions dont’ work for me

  • Gwen Ralph

    I canot close my account because of hacking please cancel this account

  • jessica

    Hi, I am trying to cancel my account after it has been hacked several times, but IMPOSSIBLE. I have nothing connected to my hotmail but still it says that I have to close whatever billing subscriptions I have, when I go into billing subscriptions nothing is there. I am going crazy, anybody who can help?


  • wanda

    im just tired of it. please deleate my account

  • wanda miskell

    i wont my hotmail account deleated

  • wanda miskell

    i feel like it could be better

  • http://opera sidra

    leave account

  • Mary Danielson

    I have tried to access my account for the last two days . It seems to be my password which I tried to change w/no success. Please think of a solution

  • Samantha

    My account has been hacked can someone plz delete it ta

  • Raj

    I can’t access my old hotmail account, i forgot my password and the security questions, please permanently delete this e-mail address

  • Tony

    my e-mail has been hacked and comes up in India when I log in, cant read the page to know how to close it.

  • R_50

    My account was stolen, I changed the password and it was stolen again and again by someone and used to send spams. I would like to shut the account right away. I do not need the 270 days inactivated period. Can I do that?

    • Daniel majozi

      > I want to close my account, ( ) i suspect some one is using it & it was blocked. please my alternative email ; these people were asking me my credit card details why??? i have sent through many times the question sheet but it seems like no one wants to help.

  • Wayne

    Please keep it simple.I have no idea what a url or a browser is.

  • helen bower

    I want to cancel my msn hotmail acct

  • Michael Thompson

    i want to about my anything forever.

  • Jeck

    I came to this site looking for a way to cancel my hacked hotmail account and your only options include answering my security question, which has been hacked and now in a different language, and the other options include “logging” into my account to cancel it. WELL, if I could log into my account I would do that, but REMEMBER it’s been HACKED.

  • courtney

    hi,my account as been hacked and my password changed !! i’ve tryed and try to get back into it !! it wont let me change my password eather !! what can i do ??????? even just delete it !!!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer Belle

    Close old hotmail account please. then tell me how to get 4OD back

  • james

    This just takes me round and round in circles. I click close account, get taken to delete details get sent to billing page and that’s no help.

    Tried faq, no good. Trying to canel is like drawing teeth.

    Yahoo was so much easier to cancel.

  • Andrew

    This is a useful page.Keep it up.Many people be able to be aided through it.