MySpace: Hack to Download Any Song on MySpace — XML Method

Posted December 31, 2005 by Lore in MySpace

The original hack worked well, but now that MySpace fixed the way the song is stored, here is the DIRECT link to the mp3 file. Bear in mind, however, that the streaming file is always of lesser quality than the one they allow you to download. (96kbit vs 192kbit)

All we need to do is get the XML file that the player loads and reads. The easiest way to do this is to clear your IE cache, reload the player from the band’s site, and look for the XML file that gets created in your cache directory. The XML file may not be easy to spot without a clean cache directory. The file generally follows this naming convention:
MP3_XML.cfm?xmlfid=bandid&rand=xxxxxxxxxx (10 digit random number)

Cut and paste that XML file onto your desktop and open it wth Notepad.

Once you look in the XML file you will see the direct path of the mp3 song. For example: “92/12/57836332/57836332_d13db5fz.mp3” (this is an invalid link — just an example)

After this, append that directory to and you’re golden. For example, ”″

The streaming file is always 96kbit quality, while their downloadable songs are at 192kbit. I tested this using, since they have a song available for download. Their downloaded one is 192 and their streamed one, once I grab it using the method described, is only 96. Just an FYI!


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  • BMacBionix

    it was easier to use realplayer to download them but now you cant
    best bet is to download free zilla music and that will get the new ones on the new player 🙂

  • Techie-In-Distress

    hey i need some BIG help people.
    Since myspace reformatted their whole music system and there’s no download link to help you with the first step, i’ve been completely put in the dark to do any of the above, I cant find the XML file.
    If anyone can help me, contact me at
    If not then can you take a look at
    and see if you can find the XML file?
    I’ve been at this for 6-7 hours and i’m gettting stressed out so if anyone can help just contact me or maybe send me a video on step by step procedure so for future references it’s easier for all..

    *I am using a MAC, so i have no idea if it’ll work cause all the hacking programs run on windows only for some reason. Thanks for reading and hope someone tries to help.

  • May


  • lindsay

    cool and sweet

  • m44

    god! just select Save Page As?

    I can’t believe that his quicktime “you need pro to save file” bullshit works!

  • m44

    great except FF gives random names to files in it’s cache and where do I even find IE’s cache…?

  • lolwut

    This way is long (just use a packet sniffer, no need to open and browse your cache) and doesn’t work. The directory Myspace stores mp3s on is protected. Myspace uses the rmtp (flash specific) protocol to retrieve the mp3 with it’s player. http access is forbidden.

  • Tobi

    Because they changed something again and all the new files won´t download in HQ again … someone figured a way yet?!?

  • Anonymous

    Okay i just want to listen to my songs on myspace. But the thing says downlaod flash player and i do but it keeps like saying download failed and its making me really mad ive done it like Ten hundred times. i need something that will like help me listen to my music with out downloading anything…???

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t work 🙁

  • Jenna Culbertson

    Unfortunately this technique no longer works… : ( Any more suggestions??

  • Spawny

    here’s a method that works