AIM: Sign Off from Multiple Locations at Once

Posted December 12, 2005 by MickeyMouse in Instant messaging

You log in to your AIM account at work, and you get that painful message that you are already signed in at multiple locations. How do you log off your other logins? Here is the answer.

If you sign into your AIM account at more than one location, you will see the following message:

    The instant message you received was sent to notify you that your screen name is currently signed into the AOL Instant Messaging Network more than once. This can occur if you log onto AIM and AOL on the same PC. This message is sent to help you manage your instant messaging sessions across PC-based and wireless clients.
    When you are signed in more than once, messages sent to you will be delivered to all locations. You can control which locations will receive messages by setting your Away Message.

Here is how to log off every connection, except your current one.

Respond to that AOL System Msg with 1. Just type the number 1, and press ENTER. That will log you off of your other connections.

This is simple. You do not have to worry about other people sitting at your other login and reading your messages.

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