Copy Images That Are Protected by a Transparent Layer

Posted December 10, 2005 by risherz in Internet

Many sites put a transparency layer over images so that you cannot copy them. However, you can use Firefox to copy these images, despite the layer covering it. No external software is needed.

Using Firefox, follow the instructions below to copy the images:

1. Right-click on the page from which you want to copy the image.
2. Click on View Page Info.
3. Click the Media tab.
4. Under Address, browse through the list, and see which one matches the image.
5. If you want to save the picture, just click the Save as… button, and save it.
6. If you want to copy the image, then right-click on the URL of the image. Then click Copy.
7. Paste the URL into the address bar.
8. Right-click on the image, and click Copy Image

This way you can copy images even if they are protected with a transparency image, without having to download additional software.

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