Flickr: An Easy Way to Add a Flickr Slideshow to Any Blog or Web Page

Posted December 3, 2005 by MickeyMouse in Internet

Now, with Flickr, you can embed a slideshow into any web page. The code and instructions are included in the following tech-recipe.

Flickr is quite possibly the world’s best application for sharing and managing photos. If you use Flickr, you already have a ton of pictures there. Why not show your Flickr photos as a slideshow on your web site or blog? The steps to accomplish this are easy.

The hardest part of the process is figuring out your Flickr user id number.

I have used Chicago Eye’s work as an example. To figure out your user_id, just look in your RSS feed. Log onto Flickr and scroll to the bottom of one of your picture pages. You should see something like the following:

    Feeds for ChicagoEye’s photostream Available as RSS 2.0 and Atom

When you mouse over the RSS links on your page, you will be able to see your user id.

Replace user_id=70267247@N00 with your user id.

Here is the code:

Here are the results:

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  • thanks for the excellent guidance on how to get a slide show in his blog flick profile

  • This is a neat firefox extension for flickr. It’s called Multi Group sender and it allows you to add pictures to multiple groups all at once, instead of having to add your picture to each group manually:

  • Name

    Where is the code for the player?

  • Yeah, this sounds like great stuff, would be very usefull for me!! But where is the code??

  • Anonymous

    replace “12345678@N00” with your used ID, and change “tags=” to whatever you tagged photos as.

  • Great plugin – just what I was looking for! Thanks!