How to Open and Burn mdf and mds Files to CD or DVD?

Posted November 25, 2005 by MickeyMouse in Windows

mdf and mds files are frequently seen on torrent networks. To burn these files, you’ll need special software packages.

    mdf and mds files are types of CD and DVD image files. Only certain software packages will read and burn these types of files.

    Alcohol-Soft (Trialware)
    Daemon Tools (Freeware)

    Install the software and select the mds file. The mds file basically contains the information the software needs to burn the mdf image file.

    Both of these software packages will either allow you to run the image file from a simulated CD/DVD drive… or it will allow you to actually burn the image to a real CD/DVD disc.

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  • JJ

    you can also use:


    • Ole

      ImgBurn is of little use if the image is compressed…

  • ME


  • the other ME

    Apparently “ME” didn’t notice the ‘close’ button on the banner 😀

  • Girish

    thank you i will trry and report you back tomorrow

  • You

    maybe thats because there is no close button

  • Awesome

    @ ME: You’re doing it wrong.

    Seriously, thanks for the help MickeyMouse!

  • gangster

    i use alcohol 120% and it works fine 🙂

  • reyhard

    so what are this software?

  • reyhard

    it can be open by Magis ISO?

  • sayan

    how we dwnld the soft only mds file??we need only soft for mds file..

  • d


  • arez


  • Anonymous

    bravooooo bravicimooooooooooo.!!!

  • Anonymous

    It can be open by PowerISO?

  • Anonymous

    You can use Astroburn for burning mds/mdf files. It comes with Daemon Tools.

  • Anonymous

    i’m using windows vista and alcohol 120% but something is wrong, i can’t burn it! The file is around 7gb so i tried to use a dual layer DVD but it can’t burn…why? 🙁 🙁

  • Anonymous

    cool thx but which file do u download acholol or daemen tools i have daemen tools but which one do i use plz i relly need help

  • Anonymous

    it didn’t work for me .. Alcohol 120% i used and it didnt reconize the MDS file 🙁

    • Anonymous

      try daemon tools lite!

  • Anonymous

    is it possible with Nero burning ROM version 7 ?

  • adonis

    I downloaded both alchohol and deamon tools onto my computer but non of these softwares give me the option “burn image”

    • shaggy

      hey man you can use demon tools to creat an image (.mds) file by right click on the icon in the tray near the time and select disc imaging
      then it will open a window choose the destion where u want to creat it and then click start
      after that it wil be done you will see 2 file : (.mdf) & (.mds)
      always use the (.mds) to burn especialy if you want to burn ps2 games

      • Ksmansour

        im having problems i extracted files using rar and there are 4 rar files but they all seem similar. each one being 1.2gb once extracted but then im stuck. i used daemon tools but i dont know how to burn. ive got aastroburn. but i burned the mds file or watever u call it but it doesnt work on my ps2. does it need to be a hacked ps2??? help please.

        • Akshadhir

          do u have the chip installed in ur ps2 buddy?
          its only possible then

  • Aditya

    after u mount the mds file then what do u do with the mdf file?

  • Dani62

    okay…I downloaded a game and I used daemontools.I installed the game but I when I wanna play it says that I need the cd.what do I need to do?

  • serg239

    To extract files from .mdf wrapper you can use WinRar.

  • WTF im in Wrong post

    wow i found a dollar

  • Bjon66

    I used Ultra ISO.. Worked fine..

  • Yosinyc

    Power ISO works! 🙂

  • xrayangiodoc

    ImgBurn just worked fine with an 8 gig file!

  • Sam-amr

    No all wrong Magic Disc

  • Joash

    Magic ISO does not support mds or mdf files.So i want to try alcohol.

  • some guy

    how do you uninstall this program?

  • Stuart

    Does Nero 11 work for this file type? I have also Power ISO, hope that will work. Thanks guys for a good tutorial.

  • Xiach

    What i did was burn a file Known as Battle-zone 2 combat commander’s MDF file to a disc with asroburn And it completed burning to a blank disc but it wont allow me to play it still…. maddening am i doing something wrong!

  • sivachandran

    thanks I used it is working well in windows 7