Search Faster with Your Google Toolbar Using Firefox

Posted November 24, 2005 by risherz in Google

Using Firefox, you can type anything in the Google search box without having to click on it. Read on to discover how this is done.

If you want to search for something using the Google toolbar, you do not need to click on the Google search box. Here is an easier way to do it.

If you do not have the Google toolbar for Firefox, then you can get it at

When you want to use this “quick trick,” press Alt + any key. Make sure that you do not use the keys that activate any other feature. If you use numbers, you can avoid unexpected reactions. For example, if you press Alt + F, the file menu is going to open up. You can press any other key.

This way, if you want to search anything from the window, all you do is press Alt + any key. This is going to automatically take your cursor to the text box in Google search bar. Type in what you want to search, and click Enter.

Note: This “quick trick” only seems to work in FireFox.

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