AIM Easter Egg : Developers’ Photo

Posted November 16, 2005 by gouthro in Instant messaging

Catch a glimpse of the creative minds behind AIM. Use the instructions in this tutorial to see an image of the developers of AIM.

Opening the following Easter Egg could prove interesting to AIM fans. Satisfy your curiosity, and follow the steps below:
1. Go to, and open/download Resource Hacker. (Choose your preferred language.)

2. Open Resource Hacker.

3. At the top corner, hit File and then hit Open.

4. Now, go to C: and Program Files. Then find AIM.

5. Once your at C:\Program Files\AIM click on AimRes.dll and click Open.

6. On the left scroll bar, press the + to open up GIFDATA .

7. Press the + to open up 111.

8. Click on 1033, and you will see a picture of the developers of AIM.

9. After you are done viewing, close out and DO NOT SAVE. If by accident you altered anything, it will corrupt your AIM file.

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