How to Cheat at Anagrammatic

Posted November 15, 2005 by gouthro in Games

If you are fimiliar with Miniclip’s Anagrammatic,
you know that, at the fifth stage, there is a nine-letter bonus word.
Here is how to be sure you are the first to get it.

Using the steps below, you will find the bonus word and get the extra ten points you may need to win.

1. Go to

2. Find limit each solution to, and type in 1 word.

3. Now, open a new window using Ctrl+N.

4. With this new window, go to Anagrammatic.

5. Play a game and complete rounds one through four.

6. When you get to round five, switch back to the first site, and enter the letters given to you.

7. Click the Go do it! button, and wait for your results.

8. It will redirect you to a page with the answer(s) to your angram.

9. Quickly enter those on Anagrammatic, and hit Submit.

Enjoy your cheating.

The Conversation

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  • JP

    Go to and type those letters in for the first four rounds. I played that game a year ago for two days and went 107-0.

  • Taylor

    You are so lame

    • no one

      i agree

  • spot the tit

    what’s the point? weirdo. why not just play a game?

    • lizzi

      your all lame get over it duh wat r yall gonna do when you cant find cheets for tour games huh? thats wat i thought nothing



  • k

    And the fun is over…

  • Anonymous

    why are you going to cheat against like 12 year olds
    let them have their fun and if they beat you – oh well!
    and if you loose against a 26 year old playing the game, try harder next time.

    • rah4927

      haha! that’s going to happen.Ha!

  • JDM

    Why bother playing it if you’re just going to cheat? Anyway a good player will often spot the word in Round 5 a few seconds, quicker than you can do that

  • lol

    that ruins the whole point of the game. how is it fun?

  • ekl

    but what’s the point?

  • seanstack

    i love miniclip so much