Change Your Mouse Pointer

Posted November 12, 2005 by risherz in Windows

With Windows XP, you can customize your mouse pointer. This can be done for free, without any downloads. Read on to discover how this is done.

Follow the instructions below to rid your screen of the conventional mouse pointer and select new a one:

1. Click on Start on the taskbar.
2. Select Control Panel.
3. After that, click on Printers and Other Hardware.
4. Choose Mouse.
5. In the window that pops-up, go to the Pointer Tab.
6. Now, you can choose from the various schemes that are available.

To mix and match your own pointers, use the following steps:
1. Click on the pointer that you want to change.
2. Then click on the Browse button.
3. Choose your pointer.
4. Hit OK.

After you are done, click on OK.

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  • honey

    i cant change. i dont know.


    Well there is add hardware button and printer and Faxes button…. doesnt work

  • Eric

    Simply use Control Panel/Mouse and select the Pointers tab.

    • Anonymous

      where is the pointers tab

  • star

    thanks it worked!!

    • HEHEH

      do i have to restart the computer??

      • Crystal

        No you do not need too. But do you know how to get a fairy want?

    • madara

      > how


    this is AWESOME!!!!

  • Audrey

    i cant find the pick a control panel icon

  • harrison thornton

    how do you get the cool ones like the ones ubove

  • Nobody

    Thanks! That was easy 🙂
    Harrison Thornton- there are only a few plain styles to choose from. You have to download the fancy kinds.

  • Anonymous

    i noe ald la!!! ==

  • skulllady

    cant open my mouse pointers it says the rundell32 is not working what sure i do

  • Tegan Griffiths

    This does work

  • Anonymous

    this does not work you here me does not work lie lie lie dont go to this web site

    • HateMeJanX


  • Anonymous

    Cool, it worked

  • Anonymous

    what if i have a mac ………. how do i change it

  • Anonymous

    im kinda confused with the mouse.i cant find pointer tab?

  • jenny

    thanks, it helped a lot

  • jenny

    um, it not working now;

  • jenny

    it not working right;

  • Crystal

    I can change really it is so nice but I would like an fairy.

  • joyce


  • Adamsakhri


  • sweetest pal

    there’s no buton like that just click on mouse then pointers and ten browse choose the ones u like. simple

  • Victor kim

    i know it now your supose to click on control panel then go to mouse then click on pointer then press brouze and u can pick so many kind of mouse pointer then press open then press aplly then press ok then u get the mouse pointer and u can change it back to!!!

    • Cash??

      thank u i finially got it!!!!:)

  • Eee768

    coool now i know how to awesome!

  • rachana kaza

    It’s too easy
    Yeah…yeah… Thanks

    • Bob

      how do u do it then??

  • Bob


  • Bob

    where is the start buttom ahh!!

  • Comment back

    where is the start button



  • Tomi

    this is the stupidest thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie


  • Cash??

    i have a laptop how can u people do it???????????

  • Chamber


  • DD

    thanks that work

  • Anonymous

    How to change my mouse pointer without any downloads?I want to change my mouse pointer.

  • Anonymous

     This is very nice article. It shows that how can you change mouse pointer without any downloads. You will get many mouse pointers by using this procedure.

  • yasmine

    this does work thank you

  • bob

    This works, it’s not a lie, it’s in the microsoft system, it’s not a cheat. It works! Mine is a banana!

    • yuumi

      how do you do it idk how

  • rafael


  • justine

    this does work i works on laptops as well so i don’t no Wat u r talking about…………………… so just try

  • mark

    I am going to shout my daghter changed my mouse pointer