XP/2000 Spider Solitaire Cheats

Posted November 11, 2005 by gouthro in Windows Games

You can impress your friends with “proof” of your Solitaire skills. With the instructions given in this tutorial, you can edit your wins and loses as well as your winning streaks.

Use the steps below to edit the records of your scores and streaks.

1. Go to the Start menu, and select Run.
2. Type in regedit, and hit OK.
a) Look for Microsoft and then spider.
b) Hit F3, and search for spider.
4. Look for the following:
a) HighScore_(dificulty)=Set the value to set your high scores.
b) StreakCurrent_(dificulty), StreakLosses_(dificulty)and StreakWins_(dificulty)= Edit your streak records.
c) Wins(dificulty)= Edit your winning records.
d) Losses_(dificulty)= Edit your losing records. (difficulty)

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