Word: Disable the Insert Key to Permanently Turn Off Overtype Mode

Posted November 11, 2005 by MickeyMouse in Microsoft Word

For some, the Insert key can be a nuisance, especially if you often find yourself inadvertently hitting it. Here is how to turn it off it in Word so that you will never accidently go into overtype mode again.

Since the days of the old word processors, typing at the cursor should insert text, not type over it. Yet, this is a common occurrence for many. You are typing along at a rapid pace only to realize that you have hit the insert key and turned on overtype. Now, half of your paragraph is typed over.

Typically, one turns on and turns off overtype mode by pressing the Insert key. If you want to avoid missteps involving the Insert key for good, use the following steps to disable it:

    1. Start Word.
    2. Click on the Tools menu.
    3. Click Customize.
    4. Click the Options tab.
    5. Click Keyboard.
    6. Under the Catgories dropdown box, select All Commands.
    7. Under the Commands dropdown box, select Overtype.
    8. Under the Current keys downdown box, select Insert.
    9. Click Remove.
    10. Click Close until the dialog windows close.

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