How to create cool MSN display names

Posted November 10, 2005 by risherz in Instant messaging

Create cool names that your friends aren’t going to believe! ASCII has many special characters in it that many people don’t know about. This recipe also has many tips that are going to help you think of a cool display name!

There are two ways you can create cool display names.

One way of accessing other symbols is by experimenting. To experiment you can use this technique:

1. Press Alt+a number combination (Try all sorts of combinations, I find that there are a lot of combinations in the 0160 range that can be used)
Make sure that you don’t release the alt button in between!
As soon as you let go of the Alt button you can see your character symbol there.

Here are a few examples

Press Alt+0153 to get a ™ symbol
Press Alt+0169 to get a © symbol
Press Alt+0164 to get a ¤ symbol
Press Alt+0166 to get a ¦ symbol
And so on…

If you want a list of more of the symbols then use the list of symbols (Windows Character Map) in Microsoft Word

To access this:
1. Open Microsoft Word
2. Click on Insert on the menu bar
3. Then click on Symbols…

Then a box will pop up with all the symbols. Just double click on a symbol to paste it in the document. Then just copy and paste the symbol from your document.

Now all you need is a little creativity to put all these symbols together.

Most people either make a pattern out of these symbols around their name or make their name out of symbols.

Here are some examples I could come up with:

® | $ |-| Σ Я ž ™- Notice that this name is created completely using symbols, and I have spaced the symbols so that it is a bit easier to read.

[¸,ø¤º°`¦°º¤ø,¸ |The Risherz| ¸,ø¤º°`¦°º¤ø,¸]© ²ºº5 – Just a few symbols that I put together and repeated the same on the other side.

That’s all there is to it!

To change you display name in msn just

1. Click on Tools
2. Click on Options…
3. Type in your display name or use Copy and Paste in the text box under
“Type your name as you want others to see it:”

Now when your friends sign onto MSN Messenger they are going to see your extremely cool display name!

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    its very use full

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    my old msn dos not work

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        It’s not- that s wat makes it funny
        does this work on HOtmail too?

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      HAHA! thats funny cuz its so random=P

  • Cj

    agh.. it won’t let me paste.. it won’t let me do that alt shortcut…

    • Bakri

      Copy it and paste it on your personal messege

      • brad

        it doesnt do it in there either

    • sydney

      try the ctrl + v again

    • kaylaa

      Do ”ctrl c” To Copy It The ”ctrl v” To Paste. It Will Work That Wayy.

      • Sofia


    • Rinnie

      if u have the new msn then go into the options then go to the webpage or wherever ur getting the symbol from, high light the symbol then drag it to the msn options thingy……..i hope this helped…sorry im no good at wording it

      ••●✖ 卐☣☠ŘįňńĭĘ☠☣卐✖●••

    • Anonymous

      press ctrl+v

    • Anonymous

      just press ctrl and v and it’ll paste 😛 i had te same problem too xD

    • Xo-amber-kiss-ox

      try: pressing clt v at the same time

    • LordGuthix1

      use ctrl + v

    • hotchick

      do it on word thn copy and paste xx

  • brad

    i cnt past it into my name box

    • sydney

      click in the display name box and click and hold Ctrl + V to Paste and Ctrl + C is Cut Ctrl + Z is Undo and Ctrl + Y is Redo

      • kaykay

        this helped me so much! thanks!

      • kaylaa

        Ctrl X ….Is Cut. and Ctrl C Is Copyyy. Get It Right tLol

  • r u kiddin

    lame i knew tht before

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    it dont work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    [[NO¹ RΔVƐR º]]

  • Meds

    This was out like a year ago..wasnt itt..?

  • J a y d e :)

    Go on to character map it on your oc go to start and search it or it will be there

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    weird… who would want to waste their time doing this?…

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      weird… who would want to waste their time coming on here to post pointless comments like this?…

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    this is crap it dont work !

    • Nicole

      LOL it does soooo.. copy and paste the symbols.. But ya gotta Hold n CTRL key and press V to Paste it into ya Msn

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    i desighned a msn name but when i paste it, it shows something else

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    this is a rubbish site i was thinkin more BETTER symbols than theese skanky ones that your site clames i am takin my business somewhere eles thankyou very much

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      you should also learn to spell…just saying…

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    how do you do it :'(

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    heyy help me please

  • Emily

    This is awesome but i dunno who to get onto tools and options and stuff

    • Mickie

      You can also click unda ur name (the down arrow) and click change display name. It works the same way!

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    Afghan buffness

  • danny

    what about those who dont have miscoft ????

  • egzon i

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  • Jose

    Man…this is a really helpful site
    Love it
    ® ڵớşέ¤©

  • jake

    it dosnt work 4 me 🙁

  • Rinnie

    if u have the new msn then go into the options then go to the webpage or wherever ur getting the symbol from, high light the symbol then drag it to the msn options thingy……..i hope this helped…sorry im no good at wording it

    ••●✖ 卐☣☠ŘįňńĭĘ☠☣卐✖●••

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    i love my bunny ..
    his name is fluff

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  • Daniel

    why my new Window Live Messenger (2009)does not work of that?copy & paste also cannot…and the Alt+number combination also can i do?

    • smnthr

      sometimes it doesn’t work with your computer. it depends.

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    how do u make the letters backwards

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    Or you can copy a msn text symbol and click on your name name options and click in the box press down Ctrl then v

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    Tis Is Sick As 😛

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    whats sud my new msn bee?!

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    • redrose

      u press Ctrl+c to copy and than press Ctrl+v to paste it in the display name it will 100% work 🙂

      • Anonymous

        who wants to add me on msn. but u gatta pay me through paypal. sup ?

        • OblivionX

          When i go into the display name it has a blue box around it and won’t let me type anything into it. Does anyone know how i can fix this?

        • Anonymous

          Whoo might that be then little fella? Come on, speak up lass!

    • Anonymous

      Press Num Lock and use the keys under that button when you press ALT+ your number

  • Anonymous

    Tis good!
    Thy love thee information on thee!
    Jolly well done!

  • Jam Amthungpong

    just go to . Start menu + all programs + Accessories + System Tools + character Map.

  • Anonymous

    thats soo annoting that alt + 0160 thing it dunt workk !

    • luc

      its ooo eezy u lot r weird if u dnt understand it

  • Sofia

    My MSN doesn’t seem to let me type shortcuts OR copy and paste. Not even in the “personal message” area. PLEASE HELP!

  • Anonymous

    ツ ツ

  • Nessa

    :/ i cant copy and paste on my computer…

    • jade

      ctrl c is coppy and ctrl v is paste ok

      • Bella

        but it doesn’t let you high light it then copy it, it’s weird

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  • Anonymous

    my comp let me do it wat do i need ?

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  • Anonymous

    where is mirosoft word and i cant paste anything on my display name so wat r they talking about

  • Anonymous

    but wat if u cant copy n paste on msn?

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    that stupid thing works but i knew that 5 years ago!!!! And anyway i wasnt even looking for this i was looking for something else!
    p.s. put something more new and more interesting>>> ok

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    none of it works but can u plz send me a emoticon that is > u no the bomb TNT lyk a fire work or something can u make a firecracker thing with TNT written in the middle tanks and if you dont no what tnt is look it up on google images thannk you hopeing you can make it really need it ergently

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      u do ctrl c 2 copy and ctrl v 2 pastee hear is somethin i put together rock on!!!


      . …………… /…./



      …./… I….I..(¯¯¯`



      ……..` ¯..¯ ´…….’


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    this is not workin i cant do it i try it and it wont work wht the hell

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    it doesnt work..on my msn not even copy paste doesn work..:(

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    hhaha sikkest shitt ay

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      another one ullleh’s

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  • Anonymous

    Another good tool is the character map on your computer. I believe it is on any version on Windows, so for those of you that aren’t sure how to access it, here’s how:
    Go to the Start menu.
    Go to “Run” or “Run Program” (whatever your computer has)
    Type in “charmap” in the search field.
    Find your letters, and double click on them to add them to the copy bar at the bottom ( there is a Copy button beside the bar for when you are done) or you can highlight your masterpiece and drag it into your MSN, MySpace, Facebook, etc. 😀

    You can choose from many different fonts. Some have hearts, stars, music notes, etc., and some have Japanese symbols, and all other kinds of funky characters (not to mention some pretty cool letters too!)
    Have fun!


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    i need to a jordan sign for my msn display name plz

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    hi guys how’re u doing ? i want to make symbols by myself , could u send me a site includes these kinds of symbol , i really wanna learn it and use it .. thanx .. 🙂

    • CATMAN2020

      you can just type in cool msn names to paste
      and then when u see the name letter symbol highlite it and drag it onto tour msn hotmail change name page

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