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Posted November 10, 2005 by katy8439 in Internet

Many blog publishers seem to subscribe to the view, “If you build it, they will come.” Unfortunately, this is not the case in 99% of blogs. Some people write blogs to air their own opinions, some write about a particular passion, and some write as a job or about their business. So how do you draw people to your blog and keep them there?

Attracting readers and then keeping them interested in what you write is at the forefront every blogger’s minds. While the task may not be simple, following the suggestions below can help to demystify the process of creating and maintaining a successful blog.

The first point you need to consider is why you want people to come to your blog. We all think we have interesting things to say, but we need to consider whether or not our writing is actually relevant to other people. Are you trying to get a message across or just sounding off? Will readers want to come back for more?

If the answer to some of the above questions is “yes,” then you are already on the right track. With a few little tweaks, you will be in the “big leagues” of blogs.

Get the Name Right

If you get a blog with TypePad, Blogger, BlogSpot, etc., then you are quite often forced to have or Consider investing in a domain name. This gives your site a more professional look. You can also choose a name that is relevant to the type of blog you are producing and is one that people will remember.

Once you have chosen the domain name, make sure that the blog design mirrors the “feel” of the name and that it is clearly visible. Branding is all important.

Choose Your Content Wisely

Make sure that you keep your posts on roughly similar themes. There is no harm in putting personal posts in amongst your business related ones. In fact, it may benefit you as your readers get to know the real “you.” However, if you find that you are writing posts on a variety of different subjects (for example, technology news, DVD reviews and recipes), then it may be worthwhile to start a separate blog for each one.

Keeping your content relevant to others will provide your readers with content that they know they will find interesting and useful. This will, therefore, keep them coming back.

Where Do You Want to Go Today?

Your blog posts should ideally take your readers on some form of “journey” whether that be spiritual, physical or mental. Readers want to feel rewarded for reading your blog. Also, the journey will keep them returning to your site.

Business or Pleasure?

Depending on the focus of your posts, the language and content type will change. The type of blog will also drive the type of readers you attract. Therefore, if you run a professional business blog, then expect professional business people to read it. This sounds simple, but many people write content aimed at “professionals” in a very slap-dash manner which will put off many prospective readers.

Spelling and Grammar Are King

A big downfall of most blogs is that no one bothers to proofread them for spelling and grammar errors. Even if they do, it is often a “yes-to-all” policy, and words that are completely wrong are entered. I know I am not perfect, but I find a grammatically poor blog difficult to read. Ninety-nine percent of the time I will not return.


Always give your reader the option to click on a “Permalink.” A permalink is a “Permanent Link” which allows a reader to bookmark a post directly rather than having to wade through your entire blog to try and find it again. They are also useful if you submit specific posts to search engines/forums and can be spidered by websites very easily.

Getting It Out There

You may have written the best post in the world ever, but if no one can find it, then they are not going to read it. You can submit your posts to the social news site digg, for example, which will drive visitors to your site. Look for similar posts on the Internet, and leave a comment on their sites mentioning your post. Ping the various web catalogues so they know you have updated your site. Consider putting an “email me when this site is updated” form on your blog. Finally, add an RSS feed so that readers automatically have access to your new posts (more on this in another entry).

Posting Duties

You should really try to post at least once a day. Darren Rowse at has some good advice about how regularly you should post. This guy should know because he makes a mint from blogging!

Show Me the Money!

Make sure that any ads you show are relevant to your content. Otherwise, no one will bother clicking on them.

If you are using Adsense, then do not forget you can use the filtering tool to get rid of advertisements from competitors sites/sites that you do not want to have advertised.

Consider adding more than one ad type to your site such as running Adsense with Chitika (in non-contextual mode).

Done All That? How Do You Know They Are There?

Sign up for a free web-based stats service such as:

You can also see if your web host provides stats. They are useful for seeing from where your visitors are coming, what specific posts they are reading, how long they are spending on your site, etc. This will allow you to target your posts and advertising to your readers, increasing your return rate and your revenue.

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