XP/2000: Minesweeper Cheats

The instructions in this tutorial will help you rule this popular game.

Note: These cheats will not work in Windows 95 or Windows NT.
Use the following directions to Show mines.

For this, put your cursor inside the Minesweeper window.

Type XYZZY. Then hit Shift+Enter. Then hit Enter again.

This will place a dot in the top left corner of the sceen.

To see where mines are located, put your cursor over a square.

If the dot is white, that square is safe.

If the dot is black, that square is a mine.

*Note: To see the dot. the top left of your desktop must be visible.

The Conversation

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  • CHeapCHeats


    • jamie

      yes it does

  • Christopher


  • jamie

    the dot will apper in the top left hand cornner of your screen

  • Nikkie

    thanks that was the first time ive ever beaten minesweeper.

  • Anonymous

    LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1ITS ALL LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ItWork

      > I tried it, it worked, impressed my friends. The dot is very tiny, and so you need your eagle eyes to see it. Or, you could just change your background into black so you can see it clearly. Its a pixel long, so you really need the black background.

  • Manifest Destiny

    Thank you very much! This cheat truly does work!

  • Grant

    measLAYER : it works allright

  • me

    Doesn’t work on Windows XP!!!!!

    • Guest

      yea it does i have xp and its worked for me. its only 1 pixel so you might want to close or minimize all applications except the minesweeper, and change your background to a solid color – not black or white. dark gray works well.

  • Exit Dude

    dosen’t work on windows 7, only XP.

  • wat fools

    works fine in xp all versions…maybe u adjust ur screen properly to ur monitor….and i dont gt the point of this cheat…..il take so much time to see tat small pixel and am sure if u finish the game ul end up wit a time tat is beatable by any1

    • Akki7706

      its usefull when ur really confused or while ending ur game u cant play the whole game by looking at the black or white spot

  • kiieols

    u just got to look closely. its there, like one pixel dot…

  • Joe

    So now that the dot is there, how do you turn it off?

  • aguind

    This was all a lie right there