How to Cheat at Solitaire

Posted November 7, 2005 by gouthro in Windows Games

This tech-recipe will be useful for users who need a bit of help with their solitaire game.

You can use this cheat at the beginning, in the middle, or right before the end of a game. Timing is not essential for this to work. It will allow you to draw one card, as opposed to three, whenever you click.

You must be playing Standard scoring or none.

Hold Shift+ Ctrl+ Alt, and click on the deck.

The Conversation

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  • J.SMIZ


  • Sam

    There’s an option for this, you don’t need the cheat. Just go to play options and choose one card.

  • Emily

    You can do that anyway. Just go to Game in the toolbar… Then Options… and then select Draw one as opposed to three.

  • scott

    there is another way to win its hold SHIFT+ALT+the number 2

  • Ryan

    Right click and cards that can will move to the top four places automatically

  • Anonymous

    The cheat works in Vegas mode as well, at least with Windows 7. For those who are offering the tip to select ‘Draw One’ under options, this cheat becomes a ‘cheat’ because when you are using the ‘Draw One’ option, you can only go through the deck once, where as if you are in ‘Draw Three’, you can go through the deck three times in Vegas mode. Have not tried it in Standard but I am sure it is the same.

  • Anonymous


    • Bpjunction2002


  • vannthns

    alt+shift+2 doesn’t work… anybody knows why??

  • Erica

    Shift+Control+Alt does work and I’ve used it for years to cheat at solitare – I’ve won thousands of dollars at it 🙂 You get to go through the deck 3x, one card at a time!