How to Cheat Windows XP 3D Pinball

If you want to outwit XP’s pinball game, this tutorial is for you.

There are four different ways to cheat at this Window’s game. These cheats only apply to the Windows XP version.

1. To get one extra ball, type 1max.

2. To get unlimited balls, type bmax.

3. To activate the Gravity Well, type gmax.

4. To get a promotion of one rank, type rmax.

A message will confirm all of the cheats except for number two. That one you will notice after you loose a few balls.

The Conversation

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  • fabian


  • luke

    how do u put the chaet in

    • Anonymous

      what ever one u put in like unlimted balls u push f4 to g to full screen u type bmax and the little box on the side will say careful.

    • alex

      how do i put the chaet in

  • ballfreak

    But then how do you turn off the unlimited balls?

    • adam

      how do i use the cheats on pin ball

  • cj

    there is another cheat when the ball gets loaded you type hidden test and then clikck the mouse hold it down and move the mouse around the ball will move where ever you want it to k i hop this helped and have fun with this cheat1

    • hehe

      dusnt work hidden test

      • kewl

        hehe, what u do is, open it up, wait for the ball to be loaded, then type:
        hidden test
        and it will work. if it doesnt, then ur computer is messed up… 😛

  • hi

    also do hidden test and u can pick up the ball

  • hi

    u need 2 use space between words

  • woo woo woo

    I know a nother cheat 🙂 start the prowgram.hold enter. when the ball is there still hold enter and type hidden test it will fallow youre mouse! hope this helps!

    • tripple h

      hey woo woo woo. hi already sent that! >_

  • shadowmaster

    alt + f4 is also a great cheat – unlimited points

    • lol loser

      no that just exits your screen stupid you would know if you were smart or tried it but im just smart but dont listen to this guy hes a dumb s h i t hole

    • Naughtydog

      hshshs nice one i new that long ago closes program hohoh dumb ass

  • ashley

    no how do you control the ball i kno there is a cheat to it

  • to control the ball type hidden then press the spacebar test

    so hidden test

    no capitalization

    • cheator

      oops i gguess you already said that micheal

    • max

      hey man nice cheat thing

  • cheator

    type hidden test when it says awaiting deployment to conrol the ball by clicking and dragging it

  • oscar

    DUDE YOU DIDNT INCLUDE THE BEST ONE when the ball hasnt been launched yet type hiddentest in lower case then click on the ball and you control it

  • ;alksdjf;laksjd

    you can do unlimited balls when you use the cheat to control the ball

  • siraj

    this is unbelievable thing!!!! thanks for efforts!!

  • eric

    type in hidden test with space and return then click and hold the ball and use that ball with mouse

  • Strife

    You can type “hidden test” to take control of your ball with your mouse.

  • Muhammad

    so cool

  • zhang

    to control ball with mouse: type in: hidden test
    to have instant 1 million scores: hit: shift + h

  • Anonymous

    another one is you type hidden test before it starts and you can control the ball by the mouse

  • Anonymous

    im a sick cunt 🙂

  • Anonymous

    hidden test rmax and qwertyuiopasdfgh is a good 1shift-h alt- f4 are god 1s too

  • aaddd

    and if your not an idiot you would no that alt f4 is close window

  • Arthas

    Aaaaaaarrrthasss! You shall pay for your sin!

  • Brian

    also, there is “hidden test” (no quotes or caps), which allows you to control the ball with your mouse, also allows rank ups (hit r) and scores of 1,000,000,000 (hit h), however, the thing puts the 1B in #2. When entering the cheat, you do not need to hold enter down, or do it when the game is loading…

  • Playrunner24

    how do you stop bmax?

  • The_nobody2012

    a new cheat type > to control the ball as you wish

  • The_nobody2012

    the space must be typed too

  • guest

    good cheat

  • adam

    where do i type hidden test in

  • Caymancayman1994

    hidden test is to controal your ball with mouse

    • Isniper56

      i know

      • Isniper56

        also there is a thing to get a bill like when you put hidden test then you hit (H) it will give you 1 bill.

  • Kurt F

    i´m a german boy
    deutschland ihr stiffties

  • wmus050697

    hidden test -> we can drag the ball wherever we want, lol

  • from Herzegovina ♥

    if you want to cheat in piball,first you have type ˝hidden test˝.This will work only on Windows XP 🙂

  • lolstudios

    he said we’d notice the bmax cheat when we lose a few balls. I DON’T WANT TO LOSE MY BALLS