Android: How Can I Backup SMS, MMS and Call Logs to Gmail?

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Many people keep very important information in the SMS, MMS and Call logs. This tutorial demonstrates how to backup these logs to Gmail from any Android device.

1. Search, download and install SMS Backup+ from Android Market.

2. Launch the app, tap Connect. Choose OK when the app notify you that it will open a new browser window.

3. In browser, log in to your Google Account. After that, choose Grant access.

4. Back to the app, you can choose what to backup. Options available are: MMS and Call log (if you don’t choose any option, the app will only backup SMS)

5. Hit Backup to begin the process.

6. All SMS, MMS  will be backed up to a SMS label, all call logs will be stored in a Call log label in your Gmail account.


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  • N_g_wilson

    Does anyone know how to back up MMS messages retrospectively, using SMS Backup+ ? I installed it, expecting it would back up my MMS messages, but it only backed up the SMS ones. I ticked the “Back up MMS messages” box, so I am baffled – how do I get it to back up the MMS ones now? It just says “No messages to back up”. Any help would be appreciated – many thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Hi 🙂

      Please tap the menu button -> Reset -> Choose OK in Reset current sync state and it should work.

      Hope this solve your problem.

  • Dress

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  • Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer

    Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer

  • Uzi

    Great app!!

    i liked the way it syncs with my gmail.


  • Awais

    Thanks dear, it was helpful.