XP: Place My Computer Icon on Desktop

If you have lost the “My Computer” icon on your desktop, the following tutorial explains the easiest way to replace it.

Erasing your “My Computer” icon from your desktop is a common occurrence. However, this particular icon is rather useful, and you may find that you want it again after a while.

Use the directions below to place the “My Computer” icon on the Desktop:

    1. Click Start.
    2. Right-click My Computer.
    3. Left-click on Show on Desktop.

The icon should now be visible.

The Conversation

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  • cooltoad

    how dumb i’ve been, Thanks a lot for the tip

  • John Capri

    clicked on “start’ Then I was told to right click on “my computer” but it was not there to click on

  • adfa

    ni yabba adi panicheyatam ladura

  • Gregory Campbell

    I did not knowingly erase the “My Computer” or “My Documents” icons from my desk top…they simply disappeared…weird!!

    As for 3 instructions above… I have no “My Computer” after selecting “Start” and therefore cannot select it….

    Where to from here ?

  • Anonymous

    Cool, its very easy, Thanks!

  • Jon

    As long as your start menu is in it’s ‘default’ view (ie; not classic), this works awesome!

  • Caproperties

    I don’t have a “my computer” icon on the desktop, how do I “right click” on it?

    • It doesn’t say right-click on the icon on your desktop. It says right-click on “My Computer” or “Computer” in the Start menu.

  • Shewaer

    i have lost my icon my icon is not show on distop help me

  • Aikidoroll

    Right click desktop area,
    then click the desktop tab
    then clicked the
    customize desktop button at the bottom of that window.

    At the top of
    this you should see check boxes for My Computer, My Documents, Internet
    Explorer and My Network Places. Check the ones you want and that should
    do it.