AIM: Hidden Smiley Message in Profile

Posted November 5, 2005 by gouthro in Instant messaging

This tutorial is for those who want to put a message in their profile that only friends can see.

Use the following instructions to hide a smiley message in your AIM profile:

The first thing you do is select the smiley face you want to conceal (Ctrl 1-8, Shift Ctrl 1-8).

Then highlight the smiley face, and hit Ctrl L.

A window will pop up which reads “Hyperlink URL” and includes a text box. From here, you can put a URL (intentional use) or type a sentence or two. If your message is too long, it will not fit. Be sure to break it up into multiple faces.

Once you are done with your message, hit OK. A window might come up if you have used any “illegal characters.” The message will read similar to the following:

    This URL contains a space or any of these, a character which should be encoded, or one of the following characters that is not permitted in a URL: < > [ ] { } | / ^ ` Do you want to keep the URL anyway?

Just click OK, and you are finished.

You will not be able to see the message until you send it.

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