Reactivate Account: Yahoo Account is No Longer Active

Posted November 4, 2005 by MickeyMouse in Internet

If you do not log in to your Yahoo portal or email account after a while, Yahoo will deactivate it. The following tutorial explains how you can prevent your account from being closed forever.

You have not logged in to your Yahoo account in quite some time. Now, when you try to log in, you find that your account has been closed. How can you recover your account?

Yahoo does not give phone support for its free accounts; however, there is an email that can help you. Contact Yahoo using the following email address:

[email protected]

You can also visit this site for additional information on reactivating your account: Yahoo! Help.

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  • Manoj Pundir

    What is the time limit of deactivating the yahoo acount in case it is not used.

    • Anonymous

      probably, i think 120 executive days

  • Anonymous

    deactivate my account!!!

    • sharon barnett

      i w ant to deactivate my yaht oo accoun

  • Susana

    I cannot find account deactivated from yahoo. why don’t should it show up on deactivated ? i really struggled all day. Wow, what is that ? YAHOO CONTACT WON’T HELP IT TO ME.??? I HATE MANY FREQUENCY QUESTIONS. IT MAKE ME HEADACHES. Yahoo Contact phone number ???

    • Kels

      just not sign into and it will deactivat itself.
      I have 2 emails which i never used and actually forgot about,and i decided to sign up for a site with it,now my yahoo is not working…

  • delate my account

    i want delate my account

  • aldrin fernandes

    deactive account

  • http://- ejaa

    My yahoo account has suddenly been deactivated by yahoo due to inactive. I have already following the reactivation instruction, still, why there is no ‘reactive’ button…

  • http://- COdy Alex

    reactivate back please thank you

  • ziaullah

    my yahoo account was hacked so i want to reactivate it and i aslo dont rember alternate email so please help me.

  • pow yin sam

    I want my old account…

  • Snez

    I can’t reactivate my account by doing the 3 steps….is there any other way?
    (it was deactivated due to inactivity)

  • sana mirza


  • jonathan

    i want de-activate my accout .


    i can not open

  • Shanto


  • nilam chaudhary

    i can’t open my yahoo account plese re activate my yahoo account.

  • loraldlacsina

    Cant open

  • saldy

    why it’s very hard to make a yahoo mail

  • sabin shrestha

    how can i activate my yahoo account please help me..its being deactivated.

  • amarjeet angel

    What is the time limit of deactivating the yahoo acount in case it is not used.

  • rahmanvipin

    i need open my old yahoo mail account

  • muruli

    my account have been de activated