Creating Your Own Podcast for Private Use

Posted October 22, 2005 by gernblanston in Web application programming

The following stepwise instructions describe how to establish a podcast.

I download various radio shows from newsgroups that are, for one reason or another, never going to be available on podcast. I have been listening to them as songs on my IPod. However, losing the placemark, if I wanted to switch to another song, was becoming a nuisance. Thus, I set out to create a podcast for my own personal use. ITunes will allow you to subscribe manually to any XML podcast feed.

Use the steps below to create a podcast:

1. Download Analog X’s Simple WWW server at Install and set up with a default root directory. For this tech-recipe, I am using C:\documents and settings\%my username&\%usernames% documents\wwwroot.

2. Download ListGarden from This program lets you add files, reorder them, and publish the resulting XML feed.

3. After you have completed the downloads, start by copying the MP3 files into the root WWW directory or a subfolder.

4. Start ListGarden, and create your first feed. This is not an RSS “how to.” With this program, it should be rather easy to figure out how to add files, name, and publish the XML file “rss.xml” to the WWW root folder.

5. Test the operation of the WWW server by opening a browser and typing http://localhost/rss.xml. This should bring up the XML code. Depending on which browser you are using, it will ask if you want to subscribe to the feed. Ignore this prompt. You do not need your browser to see it.

5. Now that you have the rss.xml file created, Launch ITunes. Go to Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast. In the address field, type http://localhost/rss.xml and click OK.

If everything is set up correctly, ITunes should find the file and put your private podcast in the display with the rest of your subscriptions. From now on, your IPod will update this podcast as it does the rest. Now, you will never lose your place again.

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