How to Open, Edit, or Convert a .WPD (Word Perfect) File in Windows

Posted October 20, 2005 by MickeyMouse in Windows

This tech-recipes tutorial covers the basic steps for opening, converting, and viewing WPD files without Word Perfect being installed. Instructions for opening WPD files in Microsoft Word are also included.

Viewing —

Microsoft’s Word Viewer Application can view Word Perfect (5.x-6.x) files.

If you would like to view the file in your browser, you can install this Word Perfect browser plug-in from Corel’s FTP site. This is the direct link to the download.

Opening/Editing —

1. Open Microsoft Word
2. Click File
3. Click Open
4. In the Files of Type: dropdown box change to All Files (*.*)
5. Browse to the file
6. Click it and select OK
7. It will perform the conversion

If you are still having problems, you can open WP and Word and copy and paste between the programs as well. Most of the formatting will be lost, but at least the bulk of the text will be saved.

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    who is micky mouse?

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  • Jason

    Doesn’t work.

    You just get an error message from Word saying the file is already in use or can’t be read.

    • Gerrard

      > Then close the .wpd document after you have copied the text/images to your clipboard, close the .wpd then rught click, and paste.

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    I opened it! Thanks!

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  • Not to shabby. the plug-in worked the best and it’s less than 1mb! Thanks for your help

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    OpenOffice 3.0 opened a .WPD file for me with no trouble.

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    Does not work. MS Word then asks for which conversion, and Word Perfect is not in the list.

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  • HELP

    it doesnt work :S i guess the file that is wpd is a newer version

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    Worked like a charm.

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    I followed the instructions and opened it with MS Office 2007. No problems.

  • Gary

    don’t work says older version of wp, word 2007

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      That’s my problem…were you ever able to convert word perfect to word?

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    Corel’s browser plug-in requires Netscape?! Didn’t bother to figure out which version, as Word Viewer 2003 opened the file.

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    Solution worked great with Open Office.

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    Thanks..did the trick!

  • Carol Kushner

    I use Firefox Mozilla – it has a download manager — the word file I need to open was sent to my gmail account. The download manager does not allow me to specify where to save the file…. when I click on it I can’t open it. This is truly driving me nuts.

  • Anonymous

    what is extention of wpd

    • Donald Duck

      > Word perfect document

  • Bhayes50

    Re: “How to Open, Edit, or Convert a .WPD (Word Perfect) File in Windows”

    I’m working with an iMac and have loaded MS Office for Mac.
    I am unable to open a Word Perfect document.
    Step 4 of the above instructions does not work because there is no “Files of Type” option to click on.

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    How can I convert Word Perfect 5.1 to Open Windows?

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    Downloaded Open Office, but it wouldn’t open my wpd documents. Plus Open Office messed up my Microsoft Office now. Sheeese.

  • Just another data point:
    Google Docs will not display .wpd, although of course you can upload it for storage purposes alone.

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    Thank you! Worked perfectly!

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    Did not work with Mac, but worked pretty well with PC. Thanks!

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    worked, but did not convert format properly

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    Thank you!!!!!!!!! This was really helpful. My Microsoft Word opened the wpd document just fine, but I wouldn’t have known to try if not for you!

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