Google: Search Rapidshare For Free Videos, Music, Archives, and Other Files

Posted September 26, 2005 by MickeyMouse in Google

Rapidshare is frequently used to transfer large video files. Programs, music, videos, and other such files are frequently available from download this way. By using google you can see what other people have posted for download.

    The filenames are in the rapidshare urls; therefore, searching for these filenames becomes very easy. This is another excellent way to fill up your media collection.

    If you enjoy finding stuff on rapidshare, you may also want to use this technique to beat rapidshare’s time limits.

    Just to get you started with an example. After the example, I show you the techiques for isolating video, music, or archive files. Enjoy the free stuff!

    For example, if you want to see a bunch of 50cent songs (available for you to freely download)…
    [list]google: +inurl:wma|mp3|ogg cent

To see all video files available on rapidshare…

To see all archives and programs available…

To see all music files available…

This should show all files available…

You can add “-deleted” to any of these searches to filter out some of the inactive files.
Props goes out to AlexTheBeast who got me started with using google to find free music and video files.

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